Richard III (Trafalgar Transformed)


If you like Marvel, action movies and rock concerts, this is the Richard III for you. If you are looking for thespians waxing poetic and some Shakespearean inward reflectiveness, look elsewhere.
The play was entertaining overall, but couldn’t shake the impression of professional actors hard at work from the beginning instead of being totally engrossed.

Jamie Lloyd’s directorial choices were questionable. The characters all feel flat, and Queen Margaret’s constant lying on the ground doing nothing was just creepy and had no theatrical poignance to it. The 1979 winter of discontent setting doesnt quite stand out. There was just a vague 60s/70s feelings to it.

socialshakespeare's RIII readthru was probably better with stronger Richards in sexy shakesankle and scheming dustseeing. Martin excels in comic, but he and Lady Anne lack sparks - couldn’t see Anne, or any woman, falling for him. This Richard is not sexy or seductive.
Martin felt a bit like he was channeling Charlie Chaplin parodying Hitler, and it was cold blood all the way with no remorse whatsoever. If you want a coldblooded Richard, Ian McKellen comes with better line delivery and better Hitler impression.

Scheming wise it was okay. Martin was effective but didn’t wow. Too much blood and violence distracted the audience from Richard’s incessant plotting.
sergeantbenton as an upright Clarence was definitely much stronger than the one at Trafalgar Studios.

And Richmond was a nightmare. A tempestuous, shouting Richmond was the furtherest thing from the peace he proclaims. The way the play ended indicated that Henry VII’s reign was gonna be a disaster, which was not the case. Hope BC’s version will turn out better. At least the historical setting and the fabulous first season were a good start.

So I was in London this weekend, saw Richard III and liked the production very much, although I do agree with a lot of your criticisms; I’ll probably type up some thoughts later. Anyway, spending the weekend fanboying over Martin Freeman and then coming home to “you were better than him though” is pretty damn fabulous. <3




                        you can break my soul,
                        take my life away,
                        beat me,
                        hurt me,
                        kill me.

                                              but for the love of god
                                                         don’t touch him.

how very dare you.

Anonymous asked:

trashy hipster hamet liked plaid before it was cool (mostly he liked it on horatio, and then off horatio....)

shakespeareismyjam answered:

ophelia steals horatio’s plaid shirt to disguise herself as she creeps out of the castle. hamlet doesn’t notice because his head is so far up his own ass.